About our brand

We are a brand committed to breaking down the dismal and unsure cloud that hangs over society. With a bold mission and vibrant viewpoint, we aim to bring a bright and ecstatic sense of renewal to our amazing customers. 

Our core values are compassion, inspiring laughter, and encouraging the thought that one each should see (within reason) every lonely stranger, as a member of your own family. As a society we have become so separate and alienated from one another.

"Try to befriend the kid sitting alone at lunch, or the shy co-worker who hides in the corner of the break room." As a brand, we passionately believe that so much of the depression and anxiety that millions face can be greatly helped by banding together, and sharing moments of laughter and connection with those we never believed we would connect with. 

We delight in providing our customers with beautiful and high quality items that they will enjoy and cherish for years to come, and forming a vibrant community with our customers, as well as humanitarian pursuits. As our brand and outreach expands, it is our goal to eventually create apparel collections to bring awareness to missing persons cases, unsolved crimes, and other issues that impact the hearts of many. The profit from these will mainly be donated to organizations that can help these issues, and to impacted families.

We are incredibly excited at the prospect of being able to make a larger impact and difference on communities and the world at large, and see not only each customer, but simply each individual, as a member of our family and someone to be loved. We hope you will as well.

We are located in northern New Hampshire.



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